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                          Foto de Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes.

Beloved ones we greet you, You have the potential to be reborn through the upcoming changes during this month of November. This is your time for a conscious rebirth. To expand your sacred connection within your Heart and open like a flower to the sun, open like a flower in the light, taking flight like a moth to a flame, rejoining that which you are naturally a part.

The energies that are emerging within your planet are creating a fluid brilliant light patterning, which is designed to reopen a level of your consciousness. Simultaneously the magnetic core of your Earth has shifted to hold a different form of multidimensional creation. This process is creating a shift of dimensional perspective within your consciousness. This design is to enable you to begin to witness situations differently in your world, to be able to perceive the changing light of conscious Truth within your self. Do not be surprised if you suddenly simply know a Truth, which previously you did not understand or ever experience before. Your Heart cells are going to reflect this new patterning, bringing to each one of you who are ready, a “newness” in experiencing life.
This reconnection to clarity, truth and a state of remembering your own essence will birth through you opening a series of reflections of light that will emanate from the Sun into your Heart. So it is essential that you seek out the Sun’s rays, and consciously move your awareness to interact through the Sun’s frequency. This way, through conscious choice you seek out your own unique essence of light that is held within the Sun’s rays creating reunion. You each hold a unique life force within you, and this action, engaging with the Sun’s rays, reveals your light essence to you. Open up the beginning of a new metamorphic realignment to your Source.
This unfolding process is designed to expand and deepen your true alignments to the multidimensional aspect of Self through your Heart. Remember your Heart is your only true and authentic reference point in your life and it is through the Heart that you will receive the guiding love of the Higher Self. This is a time for rapid reconnection, reunion and remembering. Within your Heart exists the unlimited space in which you can truly function within your world on a multidimensional level, enabling you to rest.
We, the Pleiadians are transmitting unique energies to open up your energetic field which will enable you to receive the latest energetic light patterns, that the Holy Vine membrane is filtering down to you. This is your time to receive by conscious choice. Your Heart cells will recognize these awakening patterns and will readily absorb the essence of the fluid light, which is contained within the patterning.
You have your stability through your Heart and through the support of the membrane of the Holy Vine as it continues to carry a powerful and stable platform for all of you. There is a continual unfolding and production of designs to further support you throughout your entire metamorphic process. There is what we call a “Diamond Light” consciousness activating during this month within Earth.
This Diamond Light energy will facilitate an action of opening up your personal power, enabling you to consciously choose actions within the moment, assisting you to stabilize through the heart. This time frame is about you choosing to act within your Heart and letting go of the old ways.
This is your time to reenter the vastness of your heart through conscious participation with the light rays of the Sun, which reflect to you your true essence of patterning that you are. Within the rays of light you will receive the renewal of the patterning flowing into the cells of your heart, the cells of your body. This patterning transforms your energetic framework, realigns the imprint of the sacred light that you are. We are holding the platform of Truth within the planet to support the activation of a new transition to be launched for those of you who are ready to receive your own mantle of light.
In reality you are the One, the conscious light of your own being can now radiate this Truth out to all humanity. We witness you.
The Pleiadians
Channeled by Christine Day
In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

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Como sabem o meu aniversário é em Novembro. Como estou cansada dos bombons e das flores.... Eu sei.. Não sabem o que oferecer, e sempre ofrecerem algo... Este ano resolvi virar o bico ao prego..hihihihihii
Deixo aqui algumas sugestões:

Toda e qualquer obra do Marquis de Sade... a minha autora preferida.. o Meu minhas botas favoritas (37)... um livro que me foi recomendado....

Claro está que podem usar a imaginação! Se virem algo (não perecível) que vos evoque a minha pessoa, então será essa a Vossa prenda certa.

Image result for imagem livros marquês de sade

Image result for imagem livros marquês de sade

A Chama de Sevenwaters (Reservado)

Phantére Reservado (mas se duplicarem, não faz mal)

Pierre Verger Pré- Reservado

Sunny Feet

Estas andavam esquecidas no computador, desde o tempo de Paço de Arcos!!!

Remembering Leiria

As coisas que se descobrem esquecidas no telemóvel... 
O meu quarto preferido em Leiria! 

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